• French Balayage is a hair coloring technique originating from France, known for its natural and sun-kissed results. It involves hand-painting highlights onto sections of the hair, creating soft, blended transitions between darker roots and lighter ends. This method offers a low-maintenance look with a beautiful, effortless finish.
  • French Gloss, often used in conjunction with balayage or highlights, is a semi-permanent hair treatment that adds shine and enhances the hair's tone. It’s applied after coloring to intensify the hue, boost vibrancy, and provide a glossy, polished appearance.
  • Highlights involve adding lighter tones to specific sections of the hair, creating dimension and depth. They can range from subtle to bold, providing a contrast against the base color for a sunlit effect.
  • Peek-a-boo highlights, on the other hand, are hidden highlights placed strategically underneath the top layer of hair. When styled a certain way or in movement, they peek through, adding a playful or dramatic pop of color without being immediately noticeable.

Each technique offers a unique way to add depth, dimension, and personality to hair, catering to different preferences and styles, whether it's a natural, sunkissed look or a bold statement with contrasting colors.

Price start from Rp 944.000,00 - Rp 2.498.000,00