Here i am at Irwan Team Hair Design Salon Central Park Mall.
Design Interior at Irwan Team salon is so clean and modern.
I could spend more my time a few hours ahead in here.
Because the salon feeling like home.

They are just launching new facility to their salon.

Ladies/Hijab Private Area is wishes for every woman in this world.
You don't have to feeling every eyes keep watching on every move you take.
Because this place is giving your "Me Space".

If you wanna treatment at Ladies/ Hijab Private Area, there is no additional charge.
The price is same as the general treatment.
This private area is usually requested by Arabian Woman who doesn't like it touch by man employee.
So you will be treated by the woman and having your private area.
I suggest you, if you wanna take the private ladies area you should reserve the place first.
It's been 2 years i haven't smoothing my hair again.
I am too afraid if my hair will getting damage and unhealthy.
We will see and i will compare the smoothing treatment result at Irwan Team Salon.
The price for hair smoothing treatment may vary.
It depends on how thick your hair and also how long your hair does it count.
The thicker or longer your hair it will be expensive, because your hair will spend much chemical treatment. hahaha *discrimination for thick and long hair*
My hair is not really long neither not too thick, so i guess my hair is average.
But need 1 1/2 Cups for the chemical smoothing.
Irwan Team Hair Design Salon having 3 options for the Smoothing Treament.
1. Japanese Smoothing
2. Natural Smoothing
3. Volumizing Smoothing
I guess Japanese smoothing is too straight for the result.
But they are claim, if you take smoothing at Irwan Team Salon the result will be natural and still voluminous. 
I am gonna take volumizing smoothing, i expect the result is still like my own hair but a bit neat. 
I am so happy having treatment experienced at Irwan Team Salon.
If you have much money to spend for your hair treatment.
This place is totally recommended.
Irwan Team Salon only use best product for their customer.
So your hair will be shiny and healthy.